Umbrella Outdoor Communications Centre

"Public Dataweb has installed touch screen kiosks since we installed the first ever outdoor kiosk in the world in Stockholm, 1998"

Key featuresUmbrella

The Umbrella Kiosk was first introduced in 2006 in the central business District of Aberdeen, Scotland. It's a piece of street furniture with outstanding stylish design, that maximizes the service visibility and the functionality.

It offers a dual operational viewing screen system.The Umbrella is Wireless/Wi-Fi enabled, broadcasting free 'What's on Direct' Mobile service.

It has Free VOIP telephony enabled and provides all the Public DataWeb multiple content services.

High usage is seen on the dual touch screens, with 160 - 300 users per Communication Centre a day.

Its Wireless Service simultaneously supports 200 mobile users in the vicinity.


The open design aspect of the Umbrella has proven valuable in several ways, they deter vandalism as they are visible 360 degrees. The Umbrellas are excellent city landmarks becoming wayfinder units, their purpose is immediately clear and they are illuminated at night for high visibility.

Services and content

Content on kiosks can be remotely managed allowing for prompt and efficient updating of systems.We spend time researching and collaborating information our experience leads us to know that the public want. We focus emphasis of local services, business and tourism but also on the highly popular entertainment and news update sections. We welcome feedback and add content as demand presents itself.

Key service we feel are essential to the success of such a project are free (mature content filtered) internet access, email capabilities and the ability to VOIP call with use of webcam.

The same content is accessible through Wi-Fi enabled devices in keeping with the increase in technology capabilities in devices such as mobiles, PDAs, MP3 players and laptops. Our usage statistics have shown exceptional response to these services through Wi-Fi and it is an area we expect to grow as devices diverge to this technology.