"Public Dataweb has installed touch screen kiosks since we installed the first ever outdoor kiosk in the world in Stockholm, 1998"

The Parasol is a new addition to our product line, an evolution of the much loved Umbrella Communication Centre. Site locations are currently in installation stages in two Continents.

We have come a long way since our successful Umbrella model was launched in Aberdeen in 2006. The Umbrella has evolved into our latest Parasol Digital Communication Hub. The most notable change is the addition of two digital panels. These not only act as another dimension to communicate city information and services to the public but also act as an advertisement platform to enable the project to be financially self sufficient and create long term revenue.

As with the Umbrella kiosk we offer two touch screens for access to city content and a Wi-Fi connection for users with Wi-Fi enabled devices. The modern design provides an excellent visual addition to any city with LED lighting for evenings. The kiosk is weatherproof and highly resilient to vandalism.


Our design evolved from our much loved Umbrella kiosk. Citizens wanted an innovative and modern design, offering high visibility in the day and at night. LED lighting as well as allowing citizens to easily seek out these kiosks in the evening offer a stylish lighting display.

With one of the biggest problems of outdoor screens being sunlight drain we made sure to keep a shelter structure on the roof of the kiosk. This offers shade for the touch screen panels and to allow excellent clarity on the digital panel for advertisements and other visuals. The panels are also placed above head height to offer maximum exposure for media on the digital panels.

Services and content

Wi-Fi connection on PDAContent on kiosks can be remotely managed allowing for prompt and efficient updating of systems.We spend time researching and collaborating information our experience leads us to know that the public want. We focus emphasis of local services, business and tourism but also on the highly popular entertainment and news update sections. We welcome feedback and add content as demand presents itself.

Key service we feel are essential to the success of such a project are free (mature content filtered) internet access, email capabilities and the ability to VOIP call with use of webcam.

The digital panels as well as having the function to use for advertisement and therefore revenue source act as another important component to The Parasol hub. We plan to work with community groups to actively promote causes, events and highlight government/ council awareness campaigns. As well as this it's an excellent opportunities for businesses to promote their product/ services in the day time and to promote night life in the evenings (with capabilities to encourage responsible drinking etc.)

The same content is accessible through Wi-Fi enabled devices in keeping with the increase in technology capabilities in devices such as mobiles, PDAs, MP3 players and laptops. Our usage statistics have shown exceptional response to these services through Wi-Fi and it is an area we expect to grow as devices diverge to this technology.

Advertising and revenue opportunities

Our philosophy is that the services we offer should be free to the public (your clients). Of course we understand that to promote these services for free we have a responsibility to make projects financially viable. We have developed a model to create revenue through means of advertisement on the digital panels and through Wi-Fi enabled devices. We offer full control to our clients over advertisement levels yet offer to mange the whole process. This means we can find the right level of advertisement and community based content that works for your public. We work to develop a viable business model with clients that enable the project to be financially self sustaining and create profit in several years time after the initial investment has been recovered.