Amazon: Kindle Fire

As discussed earlier this week in our blog Amazon have brought out their Apple rival product, the Kindle Fire, a stunning piece fo equipment. A 7-inch colour screen tablet, at a very good price, only £129 in the UK undercutting rivals significantly, although dont rush to the shops quite yet, it is missing some hardware, notably missing an internet connection and camera!

It is sure to domiate the e-reader market further, and is really the direction Amazon want to be taking. Although compared to the Ipad2 i think hey have aimed to seperate themselves a little by makign sure it is focused as an e-reader by losing the extra features.

It's sure to be a big hitter this Christmas especially with the perfect price bracket. It seems they are looking at the bigger picture and focusing on media sales as opposed to markup ont he device itself, perhaps as suggested even taking a hit on each one sold?

They have also announced touch tablets as well in their kindle range! Other Kindle models launched do have 3G internet access.