Spotify: Facebook's answer to Music

Facebook has been missing something for a very long time, and now it seems it has it.

It's still early days but Spotify seems to be the answer to Facebooks void. Music is now seemelessly embedded in facebook, you can share,  view others peoples playlists and see the hottest tracks.

Spotify is sleek, and well oiled. We love it so far and think its got huge potential, even if it means you will get the odd Facebook music snob, carefully selecting their shared playlists to offer maximum social aceptance.

There are lots of recycled concepts here mixed with the power of Facebook and its connectiosn which are really going to eb the strengths of this platform. 10 years or so ago on MSN messenger could you share tracks listening to with your piers, and companies like Napster and others tried to legitmise digital music with per monthly unlimited music streaming services.

It seems to enhance Facebooks key idea, one which Zuckerberg had very early in Facebooks history, of instead of regular news feeds allowing news to be built by your social networking circles. Music through this same structure allows a powerful viral type characteristic, once a track is picked up it can rise to fame exponentially.

We're keen to see the first success story to emerge through this mechanism.

With Spotify's Facebook launch it has now emerged that you must have a Facebook account to create a Spotify account, which has sparked a lot of "bees in bonnets" with blogs on the net. Instant market domination with the aid of Facebook is bound to come with strings attached, a small price to pay for exclusivity with Facebook we think.

Check out Spotifies promo video below.