Fly Poster Solutions

Interactive-Outdoor provides host locations and services to enable current 'Fly Poster' propogators to become legitimised.

City councils will benefit in several ways; many if not most Fly Posters are effectively advertising local events generating business activity and revenue that is localy focused.

City authorities often spend huge sums of money in Fly Poster removal.

The city can have a far better image by utilising digital information displays + interactive public services, whilst concurrently halting the spread of unregistered Fly Posters.

Now in combining a low cost digital display platform in city locations the Fly Poster image is greatly enhanced and modernised and can become part of the city information together with the CityLeaves service. Futhermore these images and intractivity can be obtained on personal mobiles generated as an output from all the Interact-outdoort units

The Fly poster operatives can directly send thier digital poster artwork directly to the Interactive -outdoor screens, thus reducing overheads and gaining high quality display locations, with the plus factor of intreactivity ie the viewer can link to the advertisers website book tickets etc.

The display screens will show all the city digital related content CityLeaves, etc