Wall & Window mounted units

We offer a large range of customisable panels for advertisements displays, and interaction through touch.

These panels are designed to be mounted both indoor or outdoor. They can also be mounted in a glass window or on a wall.

Shop outside business hours

One great benefit is this. When your business closes its doors for the day customers can still browse your products, or even make a purchase.

Physical shop alternative

It is not always feasible to have a physical shop in a location but the business may still be there to capture.

Here are a few circumstances where a physical shop may not be feasible

  • your goods are very large in size, large in range and/or of small value
  • the costs of implementing a shop are to large i.e. cost of retail space too high
  • Your product is digital and does not warrant a need for a physical shop
  • Your product range is very small and a similarly a physical shop is not necessary

There are many such cases as this, but just because you can't invest in a physical shop this does not mean you have to lose the business all together.

Airports, malls, city centres, inside larger retailers are all great locations and sites to place your product through a virtual digital shop. The footprint is very small, and the investment significantly lower than a physical shop fitting, yet you can showcase a product, allow user interaction, and even fully process sales through your online Website.

Capitalise on your prime site

Advertisement of your business is a large market.

With wall/ window mounted digital panels your foot traffic are now an even more valuable asset.

You can enhance your own business and its products or services, closely related businesses or completely independent business through the use of digital advertising.