Smart Advertisements

Interactive Outdoor have revolutionised the outdoor advertising industry with our new smart digitally interactive advertisement systems.

A shift has been made to a digital advertising medium, bringing with it many benefits.

Benefits of Digital

Interactive Outdoor digital panels now display motion graphics and video, relaying a greater detailed message than static imagery can ever offer. Video formatting of advertisements can also offer added dimensions and depth to the advertisers message.

Digital advertising reduces overheads, they can be changed remotely and therefore reduce costs in areas such as printing, periodic replacement. Outdoor advertisements can quickly be changed, updated or withdrawn remotely.

Digital is two way interactive and can carry the advertising message onwards to the next step; more details, potential client data capture, order processing.

Smart Advertisements

One of the greatest advancements we have placed in our digital advertising platforms is control and increased marketing effectiveness.

Advertisements are traditionally static and although usually each location is a carefully considered for a campaign other things cannot be as well controlled; such as timed display when a known target audience is in the vicinity.

With our systems we have designed a platform to allow advertisements to be that much more powerful and effective.

Timing is a key component to this.

As an example, a hypothetical marketing campaign by popular bakers Greggs. They prepare a marketing campaign for city wide advertisements and pay for a monthly placement.

The marketing of bakery products is ineffective over large proportions for their campaign. For example, after 6pm or on Sundays when their shops are closed. Even if a customer wished to make a purchase on the basis of the advertisement they would be unable to find an open store.

The most cost effective campaign would be during the day when people are most likely to want to buy food, best before and during lunch times. Evenings would perhaps be better reserved for nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cinemas.

The latest television series would be most effectively marketed from 4pm onwards, when people are on their home form work and most likely considering what to do with their evenings, for the message to remain fresh in their minds.

There are many examples and the move to Interactive-Outdoor provides such new options. This approach opens the door to a larger market which would otherwise find advertising costs both high and also ineffective. Utilising Interactive-Outdoor methods will increases the value of revenue from these new advertising displays as the effectiveness of marketing as a whole is increased and costs are reduced.

All our digital advertising displays come equipped with such ad placement scheduling methods.

Interactive Advertisements

Many layers of interactivity are brought about by utilising Interactive Outdoor facilities.

These allow the public to engage with  the advertisers promotion, to further pursue their interest, have the option to make a purchase, or to share the message through social networking contacts: sending the advertisers message onwards and going viral, something that static posters can never achieve.

WiFi interaction

As a standard all our units come equipped with a WiFi network. This not only allows connection to the Internet and local area content which the public will greatly appreciate, the WiFi will also allow a connection to the advertisements themselves.

Devices that can be connected include any WiFi enabled product such as laptop, mobile, iPhone, IPads etc.

So when a user connects to the advertisement WiFI or to the CityLeaves service the very same advertisement is there also and with a few important extra factors the user can:

  • Browse through to a specially designed product/ service page.
  • Go directly to the advertisers Website to pursue a further interest in the product/service.
  • Have the option to make a purchase through their WiFI device.
  • Located stockists of the product in question in the local area.
  • Share (recommend) the product through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter with the potential for viral marketing campaigns.

Touch Connectivity

Many of our systems are equipped with touch interactive panels. This allows all the benefits of the above for users yet very importantly they offer inclusion for all: city visitors and tourists and those without mobiles and in cases when their batteries run out etc.


CityLeaves provides the local community, the general public and visitors to a city location with all the services and information they require all within one single digital envelope (WebPortal). This service can be interacted with using the touch screens the WiFi and 3G access technologies that Interactive Outdoor provide via all of our units.

CityLeaves gives the city authorities a very good reason to allow outdoor advertising to be modernised as it gives genuine high value services to the local community.