Digital Lamp post Mounted

Mounted onto lamp-posts this model with built in side illumination paneling is built with indestructible polycarbonate.

It can have several operational modes and variable sizes including full size outdoor advertising industry standard Six Sheet display dimensions.

As part of the interactive outdoor illuminate range the digital lamp post mounted range has LED illuminated side panels to draw attention and display excellent visual effects.

The digital lamp post can be mounted above head height purely for advertisement and public communication purposes and offer:

  • Fully 6 sheet digital format sizing
  • Advertisements with WiFi for public access and interactivity

On all options as a standard are onboard WiFi generation for local mobiles to react and engage with the adverts displayed and also for access to the the CityLeaves services.

The reduced cost in digital technology means such products are now financially very viable and digital lamp post advertisements are being welcomed by the outdoor advertising sector as a valuable asset for revenue streams.