Outdoor kiosks

Public DataWeb have developed outdoor kiosks to a whole new level, the phrase suitable would be Outdoor Communication Hubs.

Our systems offer so much more than static simplistic content. They are a hub for connecting to all things related to a City. Through CityLeaves.com, users of our systems connect to  content contributed by citizens, can interact with it and add to it.

Our two outdoor kiosks are outlined below, they both have a large number of customization from screen sizing, to climate customization and branding control.

The Parasol

The Parasol is the newest addition to our range of digital kiosks.

It offers an extremely strong and robust structure, with dual touch screens for public access to CityLeaves.

There are two large overhead display panels (sizes from 32 inch to 65inch) for public communications or advertisement opportunities.

The Parasol has a polycarbonate structure with the latest in LED lighting systems to create stunning visual effects.

The Parasol also has advanced cooling technology so it can handle from -35 degrees up to 50 degrees, and can provide longer lasting high brightness displays.

The Parasol is an excellent example of a fully digital modern kiosk design implementing the latest technologies.

It now fully integrates with digital media to be a valuable asset in outdoor advertising as well as a vital information kiosk for the public.

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The Umbrella

Largely successful in Aberdeen, with deployment in 2006, the Umbrella kiosks have become a stunning component of Aberdeen's cityscape especially at night when it is softly illuminated in blue lighting, it's an excellent example of a modern kiosk design.

The kiosk has proven extremely robust in the face of Aberdeen's at times harsh outdoor climate, and has resisted very well to vandalism.

It offers twin public access touch screens connecting to cityleaves.com/aberdeen, a web application which encompasses all aspects of the city.

The Umbrella is an excellent choice for outdoor locations and has options for advertisement placements mounted above the touch panels.

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