Digital 6 Sheet

A standard outdoor advertising sized unit known and seen across the world, as stand alone units or combined into bus shelters is known in the industry as the Six Sheet display.

Interactive-outdoor has upgraded this unit to exhibit the very latest modern digital display features, LED/TFT and incorporated illuminated lighting panels and most importantly user engagement by incorporating touch screens, WiFi and 3G connectivity: The Digital 6 Sheet.

The digital services mean that the advertisers message can be carried through to interactive digital media options. This provides new options for marketing with SMART Ads.


There are two main options for the digital 6 sheet as there are two side options

  • Fully 6 sheet digital format
  • Advertisements with touch screen for public access

This of course gives you options of dual digital 6 sheets, dual advertisement panels with touch access on both sides, or a combination of the two.

We recommend at least a single public access side for enhanced interactivity with ad placements and for increased public engagement and appeal.

Touch Screen

There is a common misconception that advertisers would not want their ads to "disappear" when touched by a member of the public. In actual fact what happens with our system is that once touched the screen moves the advertisement to the top half of the display and leaves the bottom half free to navigate city content and services. On top of this the public has the option to react to the advertisement on screen. They can seek additional information on the advertised product/service and even go to the companies Website and make a purchase or enquiry right there on the spot.