Billboards & Large Displays

Interactive Outdoor provides all things large in outdoor digital media and outdoor advertising.

We have a range of digital Billboards and large scale advertising platforms.

Even the largest building wall mounted LED units can be provided and tailor made to suit size (any) and location. Our outdoor digital billboards use LED display methods which are built up of small square panels. These can be connected to built any size and synchronized to form a single large or multiple smaller displays.

There are huge advantages to using digital for billboards and large scale units, such as the ability to dynamically change content at the flick of a switch and not waiting for the dreaded two week turn around. Also there are benefits to remove the overheads of having to replace displays and also opening previously non feasible sites due to access issues.

As always users can fully interact with the media through immediate area WiFi access. The media can even react to users such as displaying when a member of the public likes the product on Facebook, as seen by example below. Who wouldn't want to like a product to see their name up in lights! Digital Billboards are rapidly becoming economically very lucrative with costs off digital reaching lower costs. This makes digital Billboards a great asset fordigital outdoor advertising.