About Interactive Outdoor

Interactive-Outdoor moves the outdoor advertising industry into a new level of display and engagement using the latest outdoor digital display technology combined with instant digital interactivity providing engagement with the public. For the advertiser this is the 'holy grail'.

A combination of recent leading edge technical advances has enabled Interactive-Outdoor to offer the industry, cities and other outdoor media locations and vendors totally new concepts and designs, each with digital engagement capacities with:

Onboard touch displays with CITYLEAVES + wide area WiFi Internet with dedicated direct links from mobile phones that will interact directly with the advertisers message and Website so enabling further contact and order placement.

An overarching range of outdoor media displays linked to two way digital mobile communications and importantly a content database focused upon the city/location: CityLeaves generates a public service of value to a city location.

Technical features

Using the very latest large screen display units and combining triple output fine LED diode panels for the brightest sharpest picture and video impact, combined with essential features:

Anti glare - high brightness - sunlight readable - weather & vandal proof - special cooling -30 to +50 degrees operating temperatures, high impact glass effect construction - cooling system gives long life to TFT/LED display panels -interactive touch screens - Internet access - attractive lighting effects + street lighting - City Leaves content location focus and condition diagnostics. All these features built up and developed in a two year extensive R&D project puts Interactive Outdoor into a key provider position, able to provide solutions to third party suppliers and to act directly.

An integration of leading edge manufacturing technologies and software in a unique combination - a structured inclusive design for the Outdoor Media industry.

The first ever comprehensive outdoor media interactive range, from small window units to huge wall mounted displays - all with interactivity by WiFi - mobile - or touch and all with embedded relevant public services and city guides.

Low cost of operation: as the advertising displays are fully high quality digital screens and therefore easy and quick to update and change,  with no physical visits required, no paper to replace for a new advert. Digital adverts go directly from the advertisers PC after a simple login registration process, direct to the Interactive-Outdoor screens - resulting in brilliant display quality, lower costs.

Full secure instant HTML5 advert transmission to displays.

Now even local advertisers can have access to the best of outdoor advertising platforms at a fraction of the costs of the old media options!